Tottenham announce deal with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for their new stadium

 Tottenham Hotspur have announced a partnership deal with Hewlett Packard Enterprise in order to turn their new stadium into one of the world’s best in terms of technology.

Spurs will spend the upcoming season at England’s national stadium Wembley after they decided to move on from White Hart Lane, where they maintained an unbeaten record during the previous campaign.

Spurs are currently building the stadium beside their old ground, and the construction is due to be completed before the start of the 2018/19 season. The north London club have already reached an agreement with three American banks to fund around £400m for their 61,500-seater stadium, while they will also arrange two American Football games annually as part of a 10-year bond with the NFL. (more…)

Spurs not Allowed to alter pitch size of Wembley Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur have been denied permission to reduce the dimensions of the national stadium pitch ahead of their temporary switch next season.

Spurs are currently construction their new stadium besides the White Hart Lane, and for this, they will have to adjust a full season at the Wembley.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side largely struggled to adapt to the Wembley atmosphere last term, and this resulted in a disastrous European campaign while they were also defeated by Chelsea at the semi-final stage of the FA Cup. The north London club got to know of their result following a meeting with the 20 Premier League chairmen, who declined the change.

The FA regulations are said to want a minimum dimension of 105 x 68, but Spurs were allowed to make use of their 100 x 67 White Hart Lane stadium as an exception – as the pitch could not be further extended. Spurs enjoyed an unbeaten run in the Premier League in their home patch, but their record was rather pale at Wembley where they won just one of their six outings. (more…)


Tottenham Hotspur fans can now travel to Wembley to see games with increased transportation options in place. Fans from East Herts, Harlow and Broxbourne can now get quick and cheap transport to the Wembley Stadium – the new temporary home of the team pending the completion of their new stadium.

A new coach service called Zeelo is offering to significantly cut the 90 mins travel time while costing fans just £5 for each trip to Wembley. One of the co founders of the service, Barney Williams, said that the fans would get a direct straight service instead of dealing with indirect trains and tubes across the city of London or having to drive to each game while paying for car parking in each game.

“We want to make travel to games as quick and painless as possible so fans have more time to enjoy the match and do not worry about parking and queues,” Williams said.

The idea revolves around using data manage coach routes, reducing commute time by 30 per cent while keeping the costs low. Extra service like air conditioner, comfortable leather seats and fast WiFi are in play. The service will be available from Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Bishops Stortford, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Stansted Mountfitchet and Harlow. Season passes for all games are available. There are options for few games per season and discounts for Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup matches.

The other co founder, Sam Ryan said the idea was conceptualized after disruptions on the way to Wembley Stadium. The team worked with fans to determine the best pick up points in places with the most reach to reduce time and money spent.

Meanwhile, Tottenham have also received a major boost that should help them remain competitive even as they continue work on their new stadium, with a new kit deal from Nike. Unlike when Arsenal were building their Emirates stadium and could not afford to pay the highest wages to staff and sign the biggest players, the £30 million annual deal with kit manufacturer is a big plus to Spurs’ hopes. It means that Spurs remain at just 2/1 on the NetBet live odds to retain a place in the Top Four next season, with the financial clout helping their cause.

The new ground is expected to cost around £800 million and it is to be completed before the start of the 2018/19 season. With the huge new deal, the top club can offset their liabilities with current earnings while hoping to leverage on the big Premier League TV money. Spurs chief Daniel Levy is widely credited for the deal that keeps the team competitive.

Whilst it means some bringing in some extra players to help with the Champions League campaign is a dstinct possibility, it also means they have the capability to retain their top talents like Harry Kane and Dele Alli when the other richer clubs come calling (though the fact that the players themselves believe in the club and the project being run by Pocchettino is a big plus).

Spurs agree on £400m deal to help finance new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur have made significant strides to paying up for their new stadium after having announced a £400m deal with three American.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and HSBC have provided the funding to the north London club in a five-year arrangement to support the construction of the 61,500 seater stadium. Spurs have already spent £340m “on the acquisition of land, the planning process (including a compulsory purchase order and legal challenges) and build costs to date” as per the club’s website but this is unlikely to have an impact on their players’ status, finance director Matthew Collecott has revealed.

He told Bloomberg news agency: “This is not going to touch the football, these are very separate budgets. We are delighted to have three of the most prestigious and globally recognised banks supporting us.” Spurs have recently extended the contract of several of their key players including Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris, and the club are looking forward to another competitive season in the Premier League, be it rather in the Wembley stadium, where they had an awful record last term. (more…)


In less than a day after the now famous 2-1 victory over Manchester United, work has begun in earnest at White Hart Lane.

It was an emotional game as the team defeated the Premier League giant in the last game at the Spurs’ stadium.

Victor Wanyama and Harry Kane made it 2-0 before United all-time record scorer Wayne Rooney got a consolation. Kane was very excited to score the goal as it sealed the victory for the team. He now has 22 goals in the Premier League, another brilliant season after last year.

The fans were very happy with the result as they bade the old ground farewell. Old and current players said their goodbyes as they left the pitch on a very emotional note.

In a few hours, diggers that were on standby have ripped up the pitch as work begins after the Sunday game. On Monday, Spurs’ chief Daniel Levy gave the keys of the property to the CEO of Mace – the contracting company that would oversee the construction of the new stadium – Mark Reynolds, according to reports. (more…)

Tottenham Reveal Plans to Generate £3 Million for Each Event at New Stadium

Tottenham executive director has revealed that the club are hoping to make at least £3 million on each event that they host at the new stadium.

The club are building a brand-new stadium that will seat 60,000 fans in great comfort. In order to make this stadium as modern as possible, Spurs are spending a whopping £800 million on this new stadium. This extravagant cost is largely down to the stadium being built as a multipurpose arena. Apart from hosting the football games for Spurs, this stadium will also have the capability to host NFL matches.

Spurs are ready to get a huge sum of money from the NFL for hosting just two matches each summer. Besides, the club will also be used as a place to host the entertainment events just like the Wembley. However, its smaller capacity makes it ideal for all forms of events like music concerts. (more…)

Tottenham Hotspur’s temporary stay to Wembley remains uncertain

Tottenham Hotspur is going through a huge change in relation to their current stadium at the White Hart Lane as it’s being demolished and reconstructed.

It was initially expected that the team of Mauricio Pochettino was going to perform their home matches of the Premier League season of 2017/18 at the Wembley Stadium.

This reconstruction process was expected to be ready and finished in time for the 2019/20 season but there are clouds of doubts and uncertainty that has recently been emerging as to whether or not this new stadium will be completed in time.

The Premier League has a deadline until April 30 to decide whether or not they are going to perform their home matches of 2017/18 in Wembley stadium or somewhere else. This deadline was actually extended as it was originally given until March 30 but as previously stated, this construction process of the White Hart Lane stadium might take longer than initially expected and this is why Tottenham Hotspur decided to ask for an extension. (more…)

Spurs may remain at home next season

Tottenham Hotspurs chairman Daniel Levy has stated that the team might remain at home next season despite having received the permission to play at Wembley for their home games.

Tottenham Hotspurs who is currently building a new stadium that can host around 61 000 fans said that they would only make a move to Wembley when their new stadium is close to completion.

Daniel Levy said at the moment the stadium is far from being completed and that there is still plenty of work to be carried out.

The chairman said that he would wait until the last minute before making the shift to Wembley as he does not want to hinder the team performance. Indeed it is still unknown how Tottenham Hotspurs will perform at Wembley.

Daniel Levy has also stated that he does not want the move to the new stadium to hinder Spurs performance on the pitch. He admitted that the construction of the new stadium might affect the team’s ability to pay high wages, but he feels that this can be a great investment in the long run. (more…)

Pochettino Says Final Season at White Hart Lane Inspiring Players

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says that the club’s final season at White Hart Lane is proving to be a massive importance to the 2016-17 season for the club.

He says that the prospect of never again stepping onto the pitch at this 118-year-old stadium is going to be a major inspiration for the players, as they strive to maintain the unbeaten home record this season. Tottenham have taken more points at home than any other team. They have been involved only in two draws in the 14 games. During the weekend, the club almost came close to dropping two points in the game against Everton.

However, a thrilling 3-2 victory ensured that the club remained in the heels of Chelsea – albeit at a 10 point deficit. Tottenham are not giving up hope of winning the Premier league this season. The club are hoping to see West Ham take some points of Chelsea in the Monday night game between the two teams at the London stadium. (more…)

Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium slows down Pochettino’s plans

Tottenham Hotspur are playing their home games of the Premier League at Wembley as their current stadium is currently undergoing a renovation but this move is only temporarily as their new stadium is expected to be completed and ready to be played in as early as the 2018/19 season.

Ground is being demolished and a number of other things are taking place in the home of Tottenham Hotspur and this is one of the biggest projects that have recently taken place in London.

This new stadium is expected to have a capacity of 61,000 as well as many other new additions which will increase the overall project value to around £750m.

Even though this new home of Tottenham Hotspur will bring forth a lot of benefits for the Premier League in the long term, it certainly is affecting the team right now as they are performing their home matches in a foreign stadium and something even more important is the fact that it’s hampering the squad development of Mauricio Pochettino. (more…)

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