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World Cup 2022 Stadium Progress Info Released

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy has come out with an update regarding the World Cup stadiums that will be used in 2022. Qatar has invested several billion dollars in the hope of making the World Cup 2022 a major success and most of the investment has gone into building stadiums and transport infrastructure. Due to the impact of Covid-19, it had been rumoured that Qatar may face difficulties in meeting their schedule for the competition. The latest reports from the committee in charge of the infrastructure appear to deliver a different kind of verdict.

A number of stadiums have already been completed with the likes of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium being unveiled to the world in grand ceremonies. The construction of four stadiums has already been completed and it is expected that the Al Bayt Stadium will also be done and dusted in the next few weeks. This is a major improvement from Qatar, who will be hosting the World Cup from November 21 of 2022. (more…)


The preparations for the Qatar 2022 World Cup tournament are still very much ongoing and judging by everything the host country has been doing and is still planning to do, there is indeed a lot to be hopeful and look out for ahead of the World Cup starting in the next year.

The country is trying to beat the rush as the world football governing body FIFA have earlier mandated that all the tournament venues should be made ready earliest one year before the commencement of the competition. In previous years, we have seen delays that led to this mandate not being kept, in countries like South Africa, Brazil, as well as Russia. However, Qatar are looking to introduce a change by working steadfastly to ensure that the entire stadiums that will be used for the tournament are ready before the deadline.

Al-Khater confident that football leagues can cope with mid-season World Cup

Qatar’s World Cup 2022 chief executive Nasser Al-Khater says that he is very confident that football leagues around the world will be able to adjust to a mid-season World Cup tournament without any difficulty.Al-Khater is of the opinion that the pandemic has exposed the ability of football leagues to transform and adjust according to the situation. Due to the pandemic, football activities in the globe came to a halt around February and it only resumed a few months later. Even though there was a short break between the 2019-20 campaign and the 2020-21 season, the players have been able to adjust exceptionally well.

At the time when Qatar was awarded the World Cup hosting rights, a lot of criticism arose about the need to shuffle various football leagues so that a mid-season World Cup could be a possibility. Due to the intense heat of the summer, Qatar is simply not capable of hosting sporting events during the months of June and July, which happens to be the usual months for a major international tournament. Now, the World Cup would be played in December. There will be a need to shuffle on the football leagues so that a break can come about from November to December. Instead, the domestic matches will be completed in June and July. (more…)



It’s no longer news that the next edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in the Asian nation of Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022. It would be edition 22 as far as the FIFA World Cup tournament is concerned and the tournament has been shifted from the normal summer time to the winter time due to the hot climate normally encountered in Qatar.

There would be eight match venues at the tournament in Qatar with 32 nations across the world expected to battle for the right to succeed defending champions France. The eight World Cup Stadiums are as follows:


Qatar completes fourth stadium ahead of World Cup 2022


Qatar has been moving ahead at a rapid pace for the World Cup 2022 and the nation is all set to inaugurate yet another new stadium, which will be completed well ahead of schedule. The Al Rayyan stadium will be unveiled on December 18 and it is the fourth stadium which has been constructed for the purpose of hosting the World Cup. The unveiling date marks the National Day for Qatar. Incidentally, it is also the date when the final will be held in 2022. The Al Rayyan stadium will be joining the likes ofEducation City stadium, Al Janoub stadium, andKhalifa International stadium as the locations for this showpiece event.

In terms of significance at the event, the Al Rayyan stadium will largely be involved in the group stages when it will host seven matches. It has a capacity of 40,000 and it is located very close to the Al Riffa Metro Station, which happens to be on the Green line of Doha Metro. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) has been tasked with delivering the stadiums and other infrastructure which form the basis of the World Cup. The general secretary of the committee has said that it is a proud moment for Qatar to unveiled as new stadium well ahead of plans. This is quite a feat considering that the pandemic brought a halt to most jobs across the globe.



Gianni Infantino, the FIFA President, has been left impressed and satisfied by Qatar’s preparations for the World Cup in 2022.

Infantino met with the organizers of the tournament in a whistle-stop tour of the country. The FIFA President visited the Al Bayt stadium, a 60,000-capacity place built to look like a traditional Arab tent, and also partake in a seven-a-side game there. The amazing venue will be inaugurated in the upcoming months and will play the opening match of the World Cup in November 2022.



World Cup Stadiums are an important part of the FIFA World Cup tournament. As a matter of fact, the tournament won’t be a reality without the Stadiums.

It is customary for world’s football governing body, FIFA, to inspect the Stadiums and other facilities of bidding nations before they arrive at the hosting country for the tournament. The state of the Stadiums presented by bidding countries is always a major deciding factor to further highlight the importance of World Cup Stadiums at the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Al Bayt Among the 8 World Cup 2022 Stadiums is Best

 The FIFA World Cup is the biggest event of football in the world. The tournament is organized at an interval of 4 years and any one of the football playing nations gets the responsibility to arrange the matches of the tournament. The format of the tournament has changed several times and the highest authority supervises the progress of the arrangements of the tournament along with the committee of the respective country. This is why FIFA announces the venue of the tournaments at least 8 years before the tournament to happen in that country. The World Cup 2022 is going to take place at Quatar. Recently FIFA president Gianni Infantino has commented that he got speechless after visiting the Al Byat stadium.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many of the sporting events were stopped but the progress of the work of Al Byat is astonishing. The president of the highest authority of football has commented that the stadium has a nice touch of local culture as well as a good feeling of football atmosphere also. The shape of the stadium is like a tent and the unique shape of the Arabian pattern roof are very eye-catching.

World Cup 2026 stadium selection hit by coronavirus pandemic


FIFA has confirmed that a significant delay has happened in terms of selecting stadiums for the World Cup 2026, which will be hosted jointly by Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted global activity and football has not been spared either.

It was expected that the venues would be finalised by spring 2021. This would provide enough opportunity for the host nation is to prepare the infrastructure necessary for the games. Now, however, there is a significant delay due to global activity being paused.

Berhalter says USA could profit from playing in empty stadiums


US coach Gregg Berhalteris of the opinion that the national team will benefit from playing in front of empty stadiums for the World Cup qualification. The World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign recently faced a hiccup due to the coronavirus pandemic forcing football to be stopped in all parts of the globe. North America and Central America regions of the World Cup qualification were no exception, as they were suspended along with Caribbean football. Now, football is slowly returning to the field and this would mean resumption of the fight to reach the World Cup 2022.

The US are in a very strong position after having qualified for the World Cup in seventh consecutive finals. However, there is a lot of pressure on Berhalter due to the strength possessed by the likes of Costa Rica and Mexico. There is a possibility of the format being changed so that games can be accommodated within a short period of time. Furthermore, there is a heavy chance of games being placed in empty stadiums. Berhalter thinks that this is a good news for the USA considering that the teams can expect hostile environment when playing away against some of the Central American teams.