Dane Anders Horsholt spoke up on the trending discussion as fear rise over the future of teams from Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Sweden in the Champions League.

Daily Record Sport in February exclusively announced that Celtic chief executive, Peter Lawwell has had a vital discussion with Ajax among other outfits in an attempt to fight the proposals of Europe’s elite clubs, who are attempting to drive through an invitation-only version of the European competition.

Rangers have made known their concerns of being frozen out of the Champions League by a continental cartel – describing their situation by seeing themselves as being blocked from entering the casino and having to stand outside, watching everyone else make countless millions inside. With some big clubs outside of the big money pots, you can rest assured that something will change in the near future.

Horsholt remains adamant that the Atlantic League will see the likes of Celtic and Rangers quit the SPFL for this new venture. It is not yet clear if other Scottish clubs such as Aberdeen and Hearts are involved, though reports from Denmark say there will be 12 to 16 teams in a league drawn from six countries.

During an interview with Danish newspaper BT, Horsholt said: “Yes it is true. If we do not react and voice out now, we will only be looking at the biggest clubs growing larger and stronger while it will be difficult for clubs like us to meet up.

“We must therefore look at which alternative international opportunities for Rangers, FC Copenhagen and others in the future. At this moment, it is still too early to discuss specific models, but the discussion of leagues across European borders is a theme that we look at and actively participates in.”

Claims that Europe’s biggest clubs are looking forward to squeezing out the smaller nations exist, and with the current Champions League deal set to expire in 2021, Horsholt insists the football clubs in countries that are categorized as only medium-sized in European scale have to find an alternative.

White Hart Lane is partially decimated as progress is being done

White Hart Lane is undergoing a string of constructions and changes as the home ground of Tottenham Hotspur which currently has a capacity of 36,000 is being expanded to 61,000.

There are some cases where clubs decide to completely move into a new stadium but Tottenham are only temporarily leaving their own turf until these construction stages are finished.

It’s expected that the Premier League club will be able to get back in their own turf and play home matches by the start of the 2018-19 Premier League season.The North East corner of the White Hart Lane has been removed as work is taking place towards the expansion in the home turf of Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino and his squad will be playing their Champions League home matches at the Wembley Stadium.

The Premier League club gave update concerning the re-development of the stadium as Tottenham Hotspur released a statement which read: Spurs said: “As the new stadium starts to come out of the ground, more visible signs of progress will occur during the coming months, with the arrival of a new large crawler crane weighing around 400 tons.

“The crawler cane will be brought on site ready to manage the movement of the large pre-cast rakers, which are the large beams that will support the terrace units and weigh up to 30 tons each.”

This stadium re-development is not only going to see White Hart Lane stadium being expanded but it also includes plans of creating a hotel, sports centre, health centre, homes and a club superstore with the purpose of increasing the satisfaction of supporters that go to watch the home matches of Tottenham Hotspur and being able to do other things besides just watching the actual games.


Popular Tottenham Hotspurs blogger George Edward Lacey spoke on the play for the club ahead of the new season, being a former professional footballer who played for the club and being a close watcher.

Lacey said he knows the club would retain a similar fate as last season where they made a serious push for the title despite having a young squad. He said the talent and bond in the team was a big plus ahead of the season.

Spurs would be playing in the biggest continental football tournament – the UEFA Champions League, and Lacey says they are excited about it. He feels excited at the chance to see the club’s games at the new Spurs Stadium for the 2016/17 season – Wembley, with over 80,000 fans. He said their Champions League fate depends on the level of opposition at the group stage but he says the target would be at least a quarter final ticket. He praised the efforts of the coach Maurio Pochettino in adding new players Victor Wanyama and Vincent Janssen to the team during the break. He hailed the purchase of Wanyama for £12 million as he was a good midfielder, going by his performance at Southampton in the last campaign. He added that Janssen would be a good striker partner for Harry Kane who would continue his scoring, despite the no show at the Euro 2016 when he represented England.

Lacey blamed the last season on inexperience but said the team learnt a lot after the season ended. He opines that a solid start for the team as the season begins would be a good springboard for success. He said he would have preferred their European games at White Hart Lane and even felt a bit gutted when Wembley was chosen, but hopes the fans will turn out in mass for the game.


Tottenham Hospurs will play their forthcoming Champions League games at the Wembley as it has been approved by the Football Association.

Their former play ground White Hart Lane is undergoing repairs and the club could incur extra £1 million after a man spent 12 hours on top of a crane on the site of the new stadium.

The case was taken to a court where Wali Azagh was said to have climbed a 170 foot crane carrying a noose and threatening to kill himself. The crane is one several club branded cranes at the stadium. The 37-year old had a long standoff with the police who were trying to convince him to abort the act. He eventually climbed down and was taken to Wood Green Police Station and then charged to the court.

The London Evening Standard reports that the Highbury Corner Magistrates court heard that the club could face up to £1 million in charges due to the disruption in the construction work worth £400 million.

The club plans that the 61,000 seater stadium would be ready as the 2018/2019 season starts. The next season’s Champions League games and their entire home games of the Premier League and local matches will be played at Wembley. The court has asked that the mental health of Azagh be assessed. The club already is working on a very tight schedule to deliver its promises in the agreement with the FA. The agreement has the option of extending the deal by a year if the project hits delays such as the current one.

Meanwhile, one of the club’s ambassadors Ledley King is excited at the prospects of playing at the 90,000 capacity Wembley for the Champions League for the European fixtures. He told Sky Sports that he is aware of the huge support the club enjoys and hope they fill it up when the season begins.

Will a new stadium take Spurs to the next level?

With Tottenham Hotspur set to make the biggest move in the club’s history – just down the road – Spurs fans are excited about a potentially bright future. But there will be obstacles along the way.

Tottenham’s new stadium, situated within a stone’s throw of the current ground, will seat 61,000 spectators in what appears to be both a nod to the club’s past and a dig at neighbours Arsenal. Spurs last won the league in 1961, and the number of seats exceeds Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium by 1,000 – a meaningless victory over their local rivals, but a victory nonetheless.

The real issue
Of course what really matters to the Tottenham supporters is success on the pitch. A talented young team came close last year. They finished third in the end, their poor finish to the season a result of seeing the title go elsewhere, falling below Arsenal in typical fashion on the final day. If not for the stunning success story that was Leicester City, Spurs would have likely retained the momentum to become English champions for the first time in 55 years.

With injuries and suspensions mounting up towards the end of the campaign, Mauricio Pochettino surely rued the lack of depth in his staggered squad. There’s no debating Tottenham’s title credentials would have been strengthened had they added a quality player or two in the January transfer window. But with most of the club’s finances going towards the new stadium, Spurs are in no position to take risks on big money signings.

That said, they’ve already added £11 million Victor Wanyama this summer, followed by the promising young Dutch striker Vincent Janssen for a hefty £17 million. Players are likely to be moved on, too, justifying the fees paid out. Any other additions will fit Mauricio Pochettino’s philosophy – young and hungry with a penchant to work for the team – but potential new signings will also have to suit Daniel Levy’s doctrine: in other words, be willing to work for peanuts.

Low earners
Footballers’ wages aren’t usually associated with low earning figures, but when compared to Tottenham’s European contemporaries the club spend very little in the way of pay packets. No Spurs player is thought to earn more than £100,000-a-week, which is staggering considering Andy Carroll is rumoured to make upwards of that amount at West Ham United.

The expectation is that Levy will be prepared to shell out more on wages when the new stadium is ready. With bigger attendances, revenue from ticket sales will inevitably increase and there will be more funds available to improve the team. But Tottenham fans know better than most that expectation and reality are very different things; just look how Roberto Soldado turned out…

Spurs must take on a large degree of debt in order to fund the new stadium (which is why Daniel Levy was so keen on moving to the Olympic Stadium before West Ham pounced). To prevent those debts from becoming monumental the club will sell the naming rights to the stadium, likely to bring in around £30 million a year. On top of that, hospitality tickets will be sold in advance, and deals with the NFL continue to be struck in order to aid the club’s financial growth on a global scale.

Slow progress
But this all takes time. If Tottenham fans think the club will become a financial powerhouse immediately after the move, a reality check is on the cards. Levy will be as cautious as ever for an unforeseen period of time, which – despite some questioning the chairman’s ambition in the past – has always served Spurs well. One of the key reasons Tottenham continue to linger in around the top four year in, year out, is because of Levy’s prudent business mind.

Promisingly, another steady period could potentially result in greatness. If Tottenham are careful, they will undoubtedly find themselves in an enviable financial position, which usually leads to silverware in a sport now dictated by the big spenders. If and when Spurs are able to match the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea in the wages department, their North London location and state-of-the-art new stadium could be enough to persuade the world’s best players to choose Tottenham over their league rivals. Until then, they must keep the current stars on board with the on-going project. Staying in the top four could prove crucial to immediate success at the new stadium. The sky’s arguably the limit for a club already on the up, but for now uncertainty lingers in the clouds.

NFL chiefs are keeping a close eye on Tottenham’s new stadium

Development for the new stadium of Tottenham Hotspur is ongoing and it has been going on for the past few months.

The new home of the Premier League club will have a cost of around £400 million and this stadium is expected to increase the capacity to 61,000 and it’s also going to be used for games in the spectrum of the NFL.

Tottenham Hotspur agreed a 10 year long deal to host at least 2 NFL games a season and this is why a few head chiefs of the National Football League are making regular visits to the building site of the new stadium as they are checking up on its progress.

Mark Waller is the international executive vice-president of National Football League and he expressed his satisfaction involving the development of the stadium as Mark said:

‘’It is encouraging to see the new stadium starting to take shape and it certainly whets the appetite for our games here. Our relationship with the club and the Tottenham community is a very important part of our future plans in the UK. We are excited to see the full regeneration plan come to fruition as a key part of creating a great experience for our teams and fans’’

The chairman of Tottenham Hotspur, Daniel Levy dismissed claims of offloading players in order to fund the complete development of the new stadium. There were a string of rumors emerging claiming that a few players were going to be sold during the summer transfer window but Daniel Levy shit down those rumors and instead it was confirmed that new players would be signed as the team will be strengthened.

“Daniel Levy assured that no player will be sold to fund the stadium and said that the intention is to strengthen the squad and to do so as early as possible; it is, though, not always possible to complete deals well ahead of the transfer deadline,” Mauricio Pochettino said as he confirmed the intentions of the chairman of signing new players.


Tottenham Hotspurs will be playing at the Wembley in the 2017/2018 season as the club agrees to a deal with the Football Association in England, according to reports.

The FA chairman, Greg Dyke confirmed that the deal was almost signed so the Lily whites could play their home games at Wembley in the 2017-18 season while their new stadium is being built. Dyke also suggested Spurs could play their Champions League home matches at the national stadium next term, with their qualification for the competition already assured.

Tottenham are building a £400million, 61,000-capacity ground adjacent to their White Hart Lane home. They plan to move into the new stadium at the start of the 2018-19 campaign so will require a temporary home for a season. According to Dyke, Wembley is on the verge as being confirmed as Spurs’ base for the season before the move.

Next season’s home Champions League fixtures could also be played there given White Hart Lane’s capacity is likely to be reduced from its current 36,284 to facilitate construction of the new ground.
Dyke told Sky Sports HQ:

“We are certainly in discussion with Spurs that they should come in for the full season when they’re rebuilding their stadium.

“I think we’re a long way down the path on reaching an agreement.

“I think there’s some discussion about whether they’ll play their Champions League games there at Wembley next year but I don’t know much about that.

“On the full season, I think we’re quite close to a deal,” he mentioned.

Dyke also said Chelsea could play home games at Wembley in the near future as the Blues have plans to redevelop their Stamford Bridge ground, which could leave them needing a temporary home for several seasons.

“I think Chelsea might come for a longer period.

“Chelsea have got really exciting plans for their stadium. They’re going to demolish the whole thing and build a whole new stadium on the existing site.

“If they came (to Wembley), that would mean them coming for three years,” Dyke said


Emmanuel Adebayor has confirmed that he will be leaving Crystal Palace at the end of the campaign. The Togo international joined the club only in January on a free transfer after having left Tottenham.

However, there was a lot of speculation about his future given that he signed only a six-month contract at the club. Crystal Palace may also have had reservations about the striker, who has had various disciplinary issues over the last five years. Barring a couple of good years at Arsenal, Adebayor has failed to reproduce his best form at clubs like Manchester City, Tottenham, and now at Crystal Palace.

He scored just one goal in nine appearances for the club and has confirmed that the FA Cup final against Manchester United will be his last game. Meanwhile, Crystal Palace have received good news in the form of manager Alan Pardew deciding to sign a new contract.

Even though the club only narrowly avoided relegation (and if you had used this bonus code you could have got as high as 10/1 on them to stay up), they seem to be aware that Pardew will be good for the club in the long haul. The former Newcastle manager achieved brilliant things with his former club on a limited budget. He now has the chance to get success with Crystal Palace almost immediately by winning the FA Cup.

“The journey will stop in May, but that’s not the end of my journey. It is just a stop. It will continue, wherever I go to. I will always wish this club well. It doesn’t matter if I start the Manchester United game on the bench or the gaffer decides to put me in the stands — at the end of the day we want to win it. This club wants to win it. Every player, whether they start or not or are not even in the squad of 18, want the club to win the FA Cup. It is as simple as that,” said Adebayor.

Tottenham to move to New Wembley Stadium

Tottenham are reportedly close to securing a move to the new Wembley stadium as their new home for the next three years until their own stadium is completed.

Spurs are in the process of building a brand-new stadium which has the capacity to hold around 60,000 spectators. This would bring the club in line with the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool. Construction at a massive cost of around £ 300 million has just begun and the club need to prepare for a new home during the 2017-18 season. The club has been looking at various venues to act as their home ground during this period.

The club even looked at the possibility of ground sharing the Olympic stadium with arch rivals West Ham, but this recently ended with West Ham being confirmed as the permanent residents for the next few decades at a cost of just £ 2.5 million per year. As a result, Spurs switched their attention to Wembley a few months back. There was competition for the new Wembley stadium with Chelsea also showing interest. The London club have also revealed plans to build a new 60,000 seater stadium at their existing Stamford Bridge location. This would mean complete demolition of the ground leaving Chelsea in search of an alternate home for almost 3 years.

Spurs, though, seem to have moved ahead in the race according to the words of Chapman Greg Dyke. “We’re certainly in discussions with Spurs that they should come in for a full season when they’re re-building their stadium. We’re a long way down the path with reaching an agreement. We’re in discussions about them playing their Champions League games there at Wembley next year but I don’t know much about that. On the full season, I think we’re quite close to a deal,” said Dyke.

France and the road to European glory on home soil

This summer, France will host the 2016 European Championship – with matches set to be played at 10 different venues across the city. Didier Deschamps’ “golden generation” are well fancied ahead of the competition and many believe it is France’s destiny to the win the tournament on home soil. We take a look at France’s group stage games and why they could emerge victorious on July 10th.

France vs Romania (Stade de France)
France will get the tournament underway on June 10th in front of an adoring crowd at the Stade de France. The hosts will want to get off to a good start and the likes of Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann could lead France to victory in the opening game of the competition.

At the time of writing, Coral are offering 4/11 in their Euro 2016 betting markets on Les Bleus to pick up all three points in this clash. And who knows, Deschamps’ men may be back there on July 10th to close out the competition and lift the title in front of an 80,000 capacity crowd…

France vs Albania (Stade Velodrome)
Home to Marseille, the Stade Velodrome is one of France’s oldest football stadiums and it is certainly a ground worthy of hosting the potential tournament winners. It has a capacity of 67,394 and France’s ardent supporters will all be desperately trying to get a ticket for this encounter.

Albania are widely regarded as one of the weakest sides in the competition and many believe France could score a hatful of goals – in fact, many may compete with a few of these crackers in Coral’s latest Euro 2016 preview. If nothing else, supporters should see France, priced at 3/1 in Euro 2016 betting markets, in full flight as they take another step towards the European crown.

France vs Switzerland (Stade Pierre Mauroy)
And in France’s final group stage encounter, they will face Switzerland in what could be a bit of a meaningless game. By this stage, both nations may already have secured their place in the next round of the competition but the French will be looking to inspire their supporters ahead of the knockout stages.

The Stade Pierre Mauroy is a spectacular sight and is home to Lille – who have faced Premier League side Everton in recent years. The stadium itself is rather old-fashioned but it remains a breath-taking sight and France are set to light it up with free-flowing, offensive football, especially if their place in the last-16 is already secure.

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