Managers from the New South Wales have been getting fined

Football Federation Australia (FFA) have recently opted to sanction 2 soccer coaches who are in charge of junior teams in the New South Wales after it was discovered that they were involved in betting on matches.

$1000 and $5000 are the fines that the coaches received which were delivered from the FFA in relation to the betting events that were detected and it breached a national code of conduct and was one of the main reasons of why the Australian Football governing authority had to react and properly infraction the participating members that were involved.

The national code of conduct of FFA prohibits players, managers, coaches and club officials from having any connection to gambling and betting actions even if the games aren’t at a professional level.

David Gallop is the chief executive of the FFA and he recently talked about this event that took place as he said: “While the statutes do not differentiate between betting on your own local club or an overseas club, there’s a much higher integrity risk when bets are placed on matches where the participant has a direct connection. The integrity of football matches at all levels is paramount. Betting on matches is a legal activity but it must have the safeguards of thorough regulation.”

Neither the coaches or the clubs that received these fines haven’t been announced. These bets were confirmed to have taken place during the NPL season of 2015 as well as a number of different A-League seasons; this is according to a statement that was released by the FFA.

These managers do have the option to appeal their sanctions to the FFA’s independent disciplinary and ethics committee.

In order to remind everyone about the consequences of betting, there are newsletters everyday delivered and channels that keep on repeating all the information inside of the code of conducts from the FFA.