Tottenham may share Wembley stadium with Chelsea

Tottenham are reportedly looking into the possibility of sharing the new Wembley stadium with Chelsea until their brand-new 60,000 seater stadium gets ready.

Both these London clubs are in the process of finding a temporary home until they are new stadiums are ready. Tottenham are building a brand-new stadium whereas Chelsea are increasing the capacity of Stamford Bridge.

Despite being one of the top teams in the world, Chelsea have a capacity of only over 40,000 in their historical Stamford Bridge. It has seen the club suffer immensely in terms of revenues compared with the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United, who have vastly superior grounds in terms of capacities.

Spurs also realised the need for a larger capacity stadium since their existing White Hart Lane can hold only around 35,000. The waiting list for season tickets at White Hart Lane is a long queue and the club are keen to take advantage of their popularity. Both clubs have been finding out for the right to remain in London for the duration of the stadium renovation. Chelsea’s work is expected to cost around £ 500 million and it will take around two years. They are believed to be the front-runners to secure Wembley as their temporary home for the next three years.

Keen to avoid a defeat, Spurs are now ready to share the ground with Chelsea. This could potentially reduce the upkeep costs for both clubs since it will be split between the two. The odds of this happening are slim according to bookmakers, altough if you use this this promotion code you can improve on this.

However, it remains to be seen if the English FA will allow this possibility. “We are the national stadium and seeking to use it more is what we are all about. We have an obligation to football,” said English FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn. Spurs are yet to officially until about ground sharing with Chelsea.