Tottenham Hotspur’s temporary stay to Wembley remains uncertain

Tottenham Hotspur is going through a huge change in relation to their current stadium at the White Hart Lane as it’s being demolished and reconstructed.

It was initially expected that the team of Mauricio Pochettino was going to perform their home matches of the Premier League season of 2017/18 at the Wembley Stadium.

This reconstruction process was expected to be ready and finished in time for the 2019/20 season but there are clouds of doubts and uncertainty that has recently been emerging as to whether or not this new stadium will be completed in time.

The Premier League has a deadline until April 30 to decide whether or not they are going to perform their home matches of 2017/18 in Wembley stadium or somewhere else. This deadline was actually extended as it was originally given until March 30 but as previously stated, this construction process of the White Hart Lane stadium might take longer than initially expected and this is why Tottenham Hotspur decided to ask for an extension.

Daniel Levy is the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur and he recently revealed details about the current situation of the club as he said: “We continue to focus on ensuring that the future of the club is protected at all times.Therefore, whilst everyone is eager to know if this is our last season at White Hart Lane, we shall only make the decision to decommission our ground when we have greater certainty on the delivery of the new stadium. Our intention remains to spend next season at Wembley Stadium before returning to our new stadium in Tottenham for the 2018-19 season’’

The main objective of Tottenham Hotspur is to have their stadium ready by the Premier League season of 2018/19 and at this point in time, this remains uncertain.


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