Spurs may remain at home next season

Tottenham Hotspurs chairman Daniel Levy has stated that the team might remain at home next season despite having received the permission to play at Wembley for their home games.

Tottenham Hotspurs who is currently building a new stadium that can host around 61 000 fans said that they would only make a move to Wembley when their new stadium is close to completion.

Daniel Levy said at the moment the stadium is far from being completed and that there is still plenty of work to be carried out.

The chairman said that he would wait until the last minute before making the shift to Wembley as he does not want to hinder the team performance. Indeed it is still unknown how Tottenham Hotspurs will perform at Wembley.

Daniel Levy has also stated that he does not want the move to the new stadium to hinder Spurs performance on the pitch. He admitted that the construction of the new stadium might affect the team’s ability to pay high wages, but he feels that this can be a great investment in the long run.

He said that the team is already performing well on the pitch and is currently second in the table and he believes that better things are ahead of them. He said that fans should be excited about the future as he feels that they are building a great project that will allow them not only to compete with the best teams in England but also in Europe.

The chairman said that the objective of the team this season is to finish as high as they can and make sure they get in the Champions League next season. He believes that they already have the players to achieve this and that the new stadium will just provide a financial boost.

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