Tim Cahill wants to become a coach after retiring

Tim Cahill has a playing career which extends for over 15 years. The Australian player is currently 36 years old but he continues performing at a competitive level with the Chinese outfit Hangzhou Greentown FC. Even at his elevated age, Cahill is not only a consistent performer for his club but also for his national team Australia.

Every player reaches a point in their career where they know that the time to retire arrives and Cahill recently revealed what he is planning to do after hanging up his boots and the Australian player stated that his plans is to become a coach as the veteran player said:

“I’ve pretty much done everything I wanted to do in football. I’ve played in the Premier League in England for more than 15 years. Shanghai have just signed Obafemi Martins for about £14million and he’s on the bench. I want to help these players and help them improve. When I eventually leave here I want to have left some sort of legacy” he told the Finnish PAF casino, whom he has been working for on-and-off for a number of years now.

“I am even thinking of going into management at some point and would like to do it here because this is an exciting country to be right now. They are spending a lot of money on bringing in star players but at the same time are doing it in a respectful way. It is all designed to help their own players develop and I want to be very much part of that and to have left a legacy once I hang up my boots.”

The veteran Australian player emphasized in saying that he wants to help players in China progress. Tim Cahill is one of the most recognized players in the world of football and he is highly praised for everything that he has accomplished throughout his playing career. It doesn’t really matter what Cahill decides to do after retiring, he will probably be supported and helped out if he does decide to embark on a new chapter in his life.