Allardyce warns Sunderland players

Sunderland is one of the clubs that is fighting for Premier League survival as they are at risk of being relegated from the top tier English league after only being able to collect 27 points from 32 league games, Sam Allardyce and his team are in need of securing more points and fast if they want to have any chance to continue performing in the Premier League for at least another season.

It’s clear that this season has been a fairly underwhelming one for Sunderland as they have suffered 17 defeats, 9 draws and only 6 victories from their opening 32 league matches and all of these losses have taken a toll on the squad.

There are rumours being spread around suggesting that certain players might leave Sunderland if the club does get relegated but Sam Allardyce stated that even if a few of his own players do decide or have any intention of leaving the Stadium of Light, things won’t be any easier or better in any other club.

“My career will take whatever way and whatever form it needs to take; the players, most of them will never get a club better than this, in my opinion, with its facilities and its supporters, playing in the top league in the world, and they really need to realize that. I can’t see you lads getting a better club than this one, so let’s stay in the Premier League and let’s make the club even better. That’s their big challenge in the next six games.” Sunderland’s Sam Allardyce said.

He also offered to take the players to the Tropicana Casino if they manage to avoid relegation, although another season of Premier League wages may be a bigger bonus!?

Sam Allardyce is hoping that even if his squad does suffer relegation, most of his players will decide to stay performing in Sunderland as this can make things easier for him in the upcoming season as the English coach is not going to need to replace as many players.