Spurs Stadium Has More Glamour Than Arsenal

With Tottenham gets the new stadium as approved Haringey council, this stadium is the highlight of the Premier League this year.

In December 2015 the Tottenham Hotspur stadium was granted permission to be worked upon. The stadium is designed to be state of the art and has the capacity to seat about 61000 people. The stadium is located on the White Hart lane.

Designed by Daniel Levy, who feels it is his momentous work. Many have wondered whether it is comparable to Arsenal and there are several reasons that stand in Spurs’ favor. If you look at the Arsenal grounds it has a maximum capacity of 60,000 whereas Spurs will be able to hold 61000 people. Though the difference might be slight but football is known to be a game where small margins make a difference. Hence, the extra seats can definitely make a difference when it comes to cheers and inspiring crowds.

Emirates in Arsenal might be an impressive ground, but the atmosphere is not that great inside due to which the stadium is mostly empty in many matches. On the other hand, Spurs has constructed a 17000 seater stand of single tier, which is the biggest in the country and will surely help create an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

Daniel Levy has signed with the NFL and this will surely help the stadium to get back the money invested more easily. With Spurs getting more exposure in the US this could mean more games to be held in this stadium than what Arsenal is able to achieve.

With a world class stadium Spurs is leveling the playground. With a great atmosphere and state of the art playing field the club will surely create more impression on the boys who will want to stay on and be part of the club and the team as well.