Spurs Stadium Future In Doubt

Tottenham’s plans to build a new 56,000 seater stadium have been hit by local businesses protesting against the move. The club are currently waiting for approval from the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. However, it looks like the approval may not come in the short term since Pickles is thought to be concerned about the prospect of moving the stadium and the station further up the road. Local businesses have submitted protests stating that this move will significantly resulted in loss of business.

White Hart Lane currently has a capacity of just over 35,000, while this new stadium is expected to bring in 20,000 more for every match. Tottenham will have no problems in selling the tickets since they currently have a huge backlog in terms of season tickets. Vice-chairman of the Tottenham Business Group, Patricia Pearcy Saturday that the prospect of moving the station is a non-negotiable aspect of the plan. She expects the plan to go ahead despite the protests. According to Pearcy, the local businesses will have no drop in business since the fans are expected to be channelled straight to the station.

Pearcy it is the priority of Tottenham to retain the businesses. The 56,000 seater stadium will come with several avenues like shopping malls and so on. “The station has been in White Hart Lane for decades and the footfall had never been a problem. The crowd dissipated as it walked along the High Street. Originally they were going to just remodel the station and keep it where it is now. Local people have been saying, ‘yes, of course, remodel it and make it bigger and better, but leave it where it is’. Increased footfall on the High Road is a good thing, but it has to be a good thing for the businesses and the community that is already here,” said Pearcy.