Sainsbury have revealed that they will be part of the Tottenham Hotspur stadium when it is finally opened.

Sainsbury plans to create a supermarket, which will provide jobs to more than 250 people in the locality.

This will operate at a total area of 72,000 sq ft, thus making it one of the largest in the nearby locality. This supermarket will not be part of something that is already built, but instead, it is going to be a major part of the plans to build the 56,000 seater stadium by Tottenham. Tottenham recently had the plan approved by the Council and also a part of the funding was also received from the local council.

It is estimated that Tottenham would require around £ 400 million to complete the project, although most of the funding is expected to be provided by the sale from the current White Hart Lane region and also the funding from the local council. The Northumberland Development Project will be hosting one of the largest supermarkets in London, thus making it a unique venue as well. In many areas, this 56,000 stadium is expected to be much better than the 60,000 seater stadium of Arsenal.

“We are delighted that Sainsbury’s will become the supermarket provider in the Northumberland Development Project. This will be one of the largest supermarkets of its kind in London and will help bring a greater vibrancy and attract new trade to the area. Both ourselves and Sainsbury’s are proud of our roots in Tottenham and are committed to working to deliver major regeneration in an area with such a real need,” Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said after announcing the project.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson welcomed the decision by Sainsbury to come the North London region after a gap of more than 30 years.