The Brazilian football Federation has said that it intends to make the 2014 FIFA World Cup one of the best ever.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil, but unlike the host nations of the other World Cups, Brazil were chosen unanimously by the countries making up the South American continent.

As a result, there has been a view that Brazil are not taking the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup seriously. It was this view that the FIFA general secretary rasied recently, questioning the Brazilian government and its ability to host a tournament of this magnitude.

However, the Brazilian government and the president of the Brazilian football Federation have both issued a statement saying that they intend to make the 2014 FIFA World Cup one of the best ever.

Brazil have been spending a lot of money on the stadiums as of now. The iconic Maracana stadium will be one among the many that will be undergoing massive changes in order to be fit for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Aside from the billions spent for the football stadiums in Brazil, the country has also seen unprecedented investment going into the transport and public infrastructure. Consequently the odds of the tournament being removed from Brazil and played in a different country have drifted on the football betting markets.

“The government will no longer accept the secretary general as FIFA spokesman. FIFA concerns with regard to preparation of all World Cups are natural and legitimate, but the body can keep calm because Brazil and its people have the competence and seriousness required to organise an impeccable and unforgettable World Cup,” president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ricardo Teixeira, said in an interview given after the commencement by the FIFA general secretary Valcke.

The Brazilian government also said that it would be not conducting any dealings with the FIFA general secretary Valcke in the future following the wake of his unacceptable comments.

The whole nation are hooping that Brazil can put right the 1950 World Cup Final loss to bed with a victory by the Selecao on home soil – though the Betfair Sports Betting odds make them only third favourites.