Tottenham Hotspur is hoping that they can move into their new stadium by 2017. The Premier League club has been undergoing plans and changes with hopes of increasing the capacity of the White Hart Lane which would improve their revenues in the long term.

The new stadium is going to be next to their current White Hart Lane ground which has the capacity of settling 36,000 fans but by 2017 it is expected to be increased to 58,000.

Daniel Levy is the chairman of the club and he recently announced to the public, the current situation of Tottenham.

“We have fantastic, strong support. Our current 36,000-seater stadium sells out and the waiting list for season ticket holders is currently in excess of 47,000”

“We have the smallest capacity stadium of any club in the top 20 clubs in Europe, let alone the current top four Premier League clubs, and given we now operate within UEFA Financial Fair Play rules, an increased capacity stadium and associated revenues is fundamental to supporting the future ambitions and consistent achievement at the top of the game.”

“Our focus isn’t therefore is to continue to invest in and develop the squad – we shall not look to a summer of major upheaval, but rather to strengthen in key positions to play the style of football for which we are famous and to deliver the new stadium.” Levy said, who also runs a Largs Yacht Charter company.

In June of 2013, Tottenham revealed profits of €1.5 million and they want to increase their revenues among the upcoming seasons as it would help the fans as well as the club which could allow them on having a bigger budget for the transfer windows and giving them the chance to compete not only with the best club in England but in Europe.