Tottenham to move to New Wembley Stadium

Tottenham are reportedly close to securing a move to the new Wembley stadium as their new home for the next three years until their own stadium is completed.

Spurs are in the process of building a brand-new stadium which has the capacity to hold around 60,000 spectators. This would bring the club in line with the likes of Arsenal and Liverpool. Construction at a massive cost of around £ 300 million has just begun and the club need to prepare for a new home during the 2017-18 season. The club has been looking at various venues to act as their home ground during this period.

The club even looked at the possibility of ground sharing the Olympic stadium with arch rivals West Ham, but this recently ended with West Ham being confirmed as the permanent residents for the next few decades at a cost of just £ 2.5 million per year. As a result, Spurs switched their attention to Wembley a few months back. There was competition for the new Wembley stadium with Chelsea also showing interest. The London club have also revealed plans to build a new 60,000 seater stadium at their existing Stamford Bridge location. This would mean complete demolition of the ground leaving Chelsea in search of an alternate home for almost 3 years.

Spurs, though, seem to have moved ahead in the race according to the words of Chapman Greg Dyke. “We’re certainly in discussions with Spurs that they should come in for a full season when they’re re-building their stadium. We’re a long way down the path with reaching an agreement. We’re in discussions about them playing their Champions League games there at Wembley next year but I don’t know much about that. On the full season, I think we’re quite close to a deal,” said Dyke.