Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium slows down Pochettino’s plans

Tottenham Hotspur are playing their home games of the Premier League at Wembley as their current stadium is currently undergoing a renovation but this move is only temporarily as their new stadium is expected to be completed and ready to be played in as early as the 2018/19 season.

Ground is being demolished and a number of other things are taking place in the home of Tottenham Hotspur and this is one of the biggest projects that have recently taken place in London.

This new stadium is expected to have a capacity of 61,000 as well as many other new additions which will increase the overall project value to around £750m.

Even though this new home of Tottenham Hotspur will bring forth a lot of benefits for the Premier League in the long term, it certainly is affecting the team right now as they are performing their home matches in a foreign stadium and something even more important is the fact that it’s hampering the squad development of Mauricio Pochettino.

The Argentinean coach of Tottenham Hotspur is certainly happy that his squad will be getting a new stadium soon but he also said that this construction process has restricted his teams’ potential to improve at a faster pace as Pochettino said:

“We need time, and we cannot buy time. It’s the most important thing for us. We want to win titles. We want to move the club to the next level. One thing is very clear, and it is realistic, is that we are building the new stadium and that process is a tough period for every club. Then, when you have the tools to try to fight with the big sides to try to win, we will arrive in the moment. Today we are in the same process as the club. We started maybe one or two years ago to try to build a new team, mentality and philosophy. I hope that I can see that process and that patience, and in the end the success’’



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