Tottenham Hotspur soon to recieve Good news

Tottenham Hotspur is receiving a string of good news as the club has recently securing the services of Harry Kane at least until 2020 after the young player signed a new contract but there is also something else that is occurring which will benefit the club but it has nothing to do with the actual squad, it has to do with the stadium.

The English club has had plans since 2007 on increasing the capacity of the White Hart Lane stadium and it has now been revealed that the final roadblock that was interfering with this process has now been removed.

There was a piece of land that was preventing construction from being initiated but it has now been made official that Tottenham Hotspur has been granted the right to buy this remaining terrain that was standing in their way.

Re-development of the White Hart Lane can now officially begin and the club has predicted that this expansion from having a capacity of 36,284 to 56,000 will cost around €400 million and could be completed just in time for the 2018/19 season.

Archway Sheet Metal Works was the last piece of land that was preventing everything from kicking off but now Tottenham Hotspur have the freedom on acquiring it after having faced a lengthy legal dispute which initiated after the family owned business had rejected the idea of moving away from the piece that was interfering with the plans of the English club.

During the time that the stadium is being upgraded, Spurs will have to find a temporary stadium where they will be able to play their home matches and it still remains uncertain as to where they will be moving although there have been a few suggestions such as: Wembley, Milton Keynes, Upton Park and the Olympic Stadium.