Tottenham are reportedly close to finalising a short-term move to MK Dons while the new stadium gets ready for use in 2017. Tottenham have been looking at various alternatives in order to stage their home matches when the new stadium comes close to completion.

Spurs are set to enter into the elite clubs once the new 50,000 plus seater stadium is ready for use. The club will be spending major portion of the money through the sales of sponsorships and prime real estate in London. Spurs have considered the possibility of sharing the ground with the likes of West Ham.

Even though there are major rivals across Europe, some of them share the ground with the most famous being the Milan teams. AC Milan and Inter Milan play their home matches at the San Siro. Hence, the possibility of playing the home matches along with West Ham appeared to be a distinct possibility. Stumbling blocks in that deal seems to have forced to Tottenham to look elsewhere. Despite MK Dons’ stadium being almost 50 miles away from North London, it looks like being the short-term home for Tottenham. Around 18 matches will be played as part of the deal.

West Ham’s reluctance to not share the Olympics stadium with Tottenham is undoubtedly a major blow since it would have been ideal for fans. The possibility of sharing the ground with arch rivals Arsenal had been ruled out from the first instance. MK Dons’ stadium has a capacity of just over 30,000. It is slightly smaller than the White Hart Lane, which has a capacity of just over 36,000.

Despite the small capacity, it is understood that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was very much impressed with the facilities on offer. “As we have said, we will not be commenting on speculation concerning any individual venues and continue to explore all options,” said a Tottenham spokesman.