Tottenham Hospurs will play their forthcoming Champions League games at the Wembley as it has been approved by the Football Association.

Their former play ground White Hart Lane is undergoing repairs and the club could incur extra £1 million after a man spent 12 hours on top of a crane on the site of the new stadium.

The case was taken to a court where Wali Azagh was said to have climbed a 170 foot crane carrying a noose and threatening to kill himself. The crane is one several club branded cranes at the stadium. The 37-year old had a long standoff with the police who were trying to convince him to abort the act. He eventually climbed down and was taken to Wood Green Police Station and then charged to the court.

The London Evening Standard reports that the Highbury Corner Magistrates court heard that the club could face up to £1 million in charges due to the disruption in the construction work worth £400 million.

The club plans that the 61,000 seater stadium would be ready as the 2018/2019 season starts. The next season’s Champions League games and their entire home games of the Premier League and local matches will be played at Wembley. The court has asked that the mental health of Azagh be assessed. The club already is working on a very tight schedule to deliver its promises in the agreement with the FA. The agreement has the option of extending the deal by a year if the project hits delays such as the current one.

Meanwhile, one of the club’s ambassadors Ledley King is excited at the prospects of playing at the 90,000 capacity Wembley for the Champions League for the European fixtures. He told Sky Sports that he is aware of the huge support the club enjoys and hope they fill it up when the season begins.