Spurs Finally Gets Permission For Stadium Increase

Tottenham Hotspur had been waiting for almost 2 years for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles to approve the purchase of the Premier League club as they acquired the last piece of land that was needed for them to actually begin working on building the new stadium.
Spur has wanted to increase their stadium as well as offer their supporters something fresh and new for them to experience on every visit to their matches and the plans of the club include making a huge evolution and change with a stadium that is expected to have a capacity of around 56,000 seats.
In order to accomplish this, Tottenham has worked out for the past few years trying to buy up and move around local businesses located around the area where they are trying to implement and build the new infrastructure which will also offer all of the people that travel there a new supermarket, hotel, megastore and other projects that are still being worked out.
Tottenham announced news of their progression in relation to the new stadium through their official website as it said: “The club is pleased to announce that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has confirmed the Compulsory Purchase Order made by Haringey Council in respect of the remaining land required for the Northumberland Development Project. The club has used the intervening period productively and has refined detailed design of the stadium in order to ensure it is future-proofed and optimized’’
If everything goes according to plan, the stadium will cost around £400m and its expected to be done in 2017.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said: “This scheme is supported by the locally determined development plan for the area and has received strong local support.”
With this final chunk of ground that was bought by Tottenham they can start working on building their project as the club had already secured more than 95% of the area that was needed.