White Hart Lane is home to a new coach as Tim Sherwood was appointed as the new tactician of the club and has already overcome some of his toughest tasks of his career by claiming a 2-1 victory against Manchester United some days ago and has been getting positive results in the small lapse of time since taking in his new role in Tottenham.

Sherwood has never managed or coached a 1st team before in his career and already made some big changes as he switched out the preferred 4-2-3-1 formation that Andre Villas-Boas used on the Premier League club and the change has seem to be given the approval of the players as they did not enjoy the tactics used by Villas-Boas.

Despite having the introduction of new tactics to the team and having already managed to collect good results for Tottenham, Sherwood has stated the sudden change in his life as it has now become much more difficult being the main man behind a team.

“I don’t sleep and when you do you wake up after two hours (you’re) thinking about Adebayor,” laughs Sherwood. “That can’t be right, but it’s better me waking up thinking about him than my missus!

“The game, the job and the club are on my mind all the time and I expected that after learning from the managers I have worked with. It is their life and they live it completely. I try to go home and switch off but it’s extremely difficult’’.

“It’s a complete lifestyle change. There are so many added pressures, you just have to be big and strong enough to get on with it. That’s why I admire managers who stand in that technical area and take jobs on because they ain’t easy.

Since 2007 White Hart Lane has seen 5 different coaches being switched out and now the chairman Daniel Levy wants Tim Sherwood to stay for a while despite being named as just a interim head coach.