Former Tottenham captain and defender Ledley King, who retired from football a few years ago, has said that Tottenham fans completely deserve a new stadium, which is being built at a huge cost.

White Hart Lane is the current home of Tottenham and it is one of the smaller stadiums amongst the top teams in the Premier league. It has a capacity of just 37,000. This has resulted in huge waiting list for the season tickets especially given the success Tottenham have achieved in recent years. Tottenham submitted a proposal to build a new stadium that would take their capacity closer to 60,000.

It is currently being built at a cost of around £ 600 million. Tottenham tried to get the Olympic stadium, but they were unsuccessful in their bid. King, who has now become an ambassador at the club, has said that the fans have been incredibly amazing over the years and they deserve this new stadium. He has recalled how Tottenham have almost upgraded every aspect of the club like training facilities. The next logical step was to build a new stadium. Tottenham will be looking to get major portion of the cost covered through sponsorship.
Naming rights of the new stadium is expected to fetch around £ 350 million.

“I think the club deserves it and I think the fans deserves it – we’ve got a huge fan-base. We’ve moved to the new training facilities and the next step is the stadium. We’ve got the players to play in big stadiums. The club have signed players with top quality even though we’re not in the Champions League. It shows we will be a Champions League team and a club that are moving forward – the stadium is hopefully the next step towards it,” said King backing the move to the new stadium.