The chairman of AS Roma, James Pallotta, has announced that a new home stadium will be built for AS Roma. The stadium will be built in the Southern area of the City at a place named Tor Di Valle. The new stadium will be capable of accommodating about 60,000 people. The construction work of the stadium will be looked after by a real estate company of Italy named Grupo ParsItalia.

Pallotta said, “It’s something which has been in our mind since the last two years. Our goal is to build a stadium which will provide all kinds of facilities to the fans and will be good enough to host the final of the Champions League.”

“If everything goes according to the plan, the construction work of the stadium will get completed before the start of the 2016-17 season. Hopefully, we will succeed in building a world class stadium.”
“The stadium is going to be a big one and will have the capacity of accommodating close to 60,000 people at a time.”

“I would like to thank the officials of the Municipality of Rome who have promised to give their full support to the project.”

When asked about the location at which the stadium will be built, Pallotta said, “We had more than 100 options as far as the site of the stadium is concerned and after discussion, Tor Di Valle has been finalised as the location.”

However, Pallotta didn’t reveal the financial details of the project.

The current home stadium for Roma is Stadio Olimpico which is the home stadium for Lazio as well. Stadio Olimpico was constructed for the Olympic Games in 1960.
The CEO of Grupo ParsItalia, Luca Parnasi, was also present in the press conference.

He said, “The construction of the stadium is good for Italian economy as well because more than 1,000 jobs will be created in the next couple of years.”