Harry Redknapp has admitted that Tottenham are looking to expand their seating capacity by building a new stadium.

Their current stadium – the White Hart Lane – is one of the smallest in the Premier League with a capacity of just around 35,000.

This has meant that there is a long queue for season tickets, and the club are looking to expand their revenue options by building a new 60,000 seater stadium, which will rival the likes of the Emirates Stadium. Tottenham Hotspur are the biggest rivals for North London club Arsenal, who recently moved to the Emirates Stadium that can hold 60,000 people.

It seems to have persuaded Tottenham to also build a similar kind of stadium, although there have been question marks regarding the demand for such a big stadium. Tottenham tried to secure the Olympics Stadium, but West Ham United’s entry into the bidding process meant that they are unlikely to get the 80,000 seater stadium, which could be reduced to hold around 60,000. Tottenham recently revealed plans for constructing a new stadium near White Hart Lane – the position of which does not allow for huge expansions to be carried out without affecting the nearby areas.

“Until you get a 60,000-seater stadium, you aren’t going to pay the wages that some of the other clubs pay. It’s a hard balancing act but you have to admit Tottenham are a fantastically well-run football club with a very clever businessman in Daniel Levy in charge,” Redknapp said when asked about the need for a 60,000 seater stadium for Tottenham.

Tottenham are currently eyeing their first title since 1961, as they are third in the Premier League alongside Manchester United on the points. They are only three points away from catching leaders Manchester City, and are recognised to have one of the best squads in the division.