It’s almost certain that the Barclays Premier League is going to find a new winner this season as the reigning Champions, Manchester City, seem to be out of contention after their recent surprising defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace.

City has actually slipped to the 4th position in the points table and for them to be able to defend their crown from here on in would be an absolute miracle.

The manager Manuel Pellegrini knows it well and thus, he has forgotten the title for the time being.

All he is looking to do at the moment is to try and make his team secure more and more points and hope for the best. The latest betting at suggests that the bookies don’t think they will manage to get back to the top of the table.

City, mathematically, still has a whisker of a chance, but, they are dependent on the top two teams playing poorly and losing most of their games and that’s highly unlikely to happen.

Pellegrini came out in the press conference yesterday and he tried to be as realistic as he possibly could.

Speaking to the journalists, about the betting at which gives City little hope of finishing the season as champions, the Chilean said, “I don’t have title in my mind at the moment. It’s just about securing as many points as we can and then, see where we finish off.”

“You can’t worry about things which you cannot control. We just have to make sure that we don’t lose too many points. The remaining game days are vital to say the least. We have to make each of them count.”

There is hardly anyone who is not surprised with the downfall of City off late. They have not looked the best side in the season, but, they were always tipped to be going to end at the no. 2 slot. However, the resurgence of the Gunners and also of Manchester United has turned the tables all around.