Chelsea Football club has sought permission for the reconstruction of Stamford Bridge. The current stadium capacity of Stamford Bridge is a little more than forty one thousand. It is believed to rise to about sixty thousand after the renovation.

Stamford Bridge

The new design has come out in public and it has not got everyone’s backing. There have been a lot of comments on the design on social media and while, some have been quite positive, there have been a few sarcastic ones too.

There’s an opinion that the design’s appearing like “egg slicer”. The design has been made by the same designers who designed Allianz Arena, probably the prettiest stadium in the world.

Whatever be the response on the designs, the club fans would definitely be happy to know that the stands are not going to be renamed. So, they can continue to sit where they have been sitting.

After the news of the planning of the stadium renovation broke out, a large number of fans were curious to know about the positioning of their seats. One of the most important features of the renovated stadium would be that the fans would find themselves closer to the action. It’s been reported there will be a distance of just a little over seven metres between seats and players.

It will take a period of about 4 years for the project to reach its completion. If everything goes well, the Blues will probably get the permission by June-July this year. Ladbrokes offer a free bet on whether Chelsea will be playing in the new stadium come the start of the 2019/20 season – open to all new customers.

In the meantime, Wembley Stadium might host Chelsea’s home games. Tottenham Hotspur were also in line to have a deal with the Football Association to have their home games organized at Wembley, but, as per the reports, they failed to meet a few criteria that’s required and thus, didn’t get the nod.