The $10 billion World Cup

Preparations have already been gone underway for the upcoming World Cup with Russia being the host for the worldwide event and the Russian government has designated around $10 billion for anything that will be needed in order for the 2018 World Cup to be held.

Russia World Cup
Around half of the $10 billion is expected to be used in the development of the transportation infrastructure. The top priorities from these infrastructures are the creation and improvements of airports as well as road networks.

Konstantin Trofimenko si the head of the Center for Studying Transportation Problems in Metropolises at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics and he told about how the passengers will be navigating themselves around some of the bigger cities of Russia for their special preview of the World Cup in Russia.

“In the big cities that have a metro, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan, the fans will unite with the passenger flows, while in other cities they will use the bus. FIFA has detailed instructions on how to guarantee transportation. This is a standard procedure, which is why in Russia it will be organized the way it was in Germany, Brazil and South Africa,”

“In the 18 hours separating the matches, transportation for fans with tickets should be free,” he said. “How this will be done is still not known, since it hasn’t been decided on a federal level. But it is clear that transportation between cities will be provided by means of buses, trains and planes” Konstantin added on.

The transportation infrastructures for an event of this scale have to be made without fail or any kind of mistake as the amount of fans that will be making their way to Russia in hopes of watching their favorite players or team is astronomically high and this tournament will be held in 12 stadiums around 11 cities throughout Russia.