Tottenham’s new stadium will be the source of regeneration within the area according to many. The new 55,000 seater stadium will promote homeownership in this region according to the latest statement given by the Haringey Council, reported on by the Tottenham news website.

The council decided to give the green light to the stadium back in February, but it is thought that the council had dropped the requirement of a homeownership region in order to approve it. However, the council has now confirmed that the new stadium that is expected to be built at a total cost of £ 400 million will generate homeownership.

The regeneration of the Northumberland Park is currently on the way and the Council has said that it expects the new stadium to be at the forefront of this regeneration. It is expected to provide up to 285 homes. Tottenham recently started the work on the new stadium, which is not expected to be completed until 2017. When it is ready, it will be the state of the art stadium that can be worthy competitor alongside the Emirates stadium – the home of their arch rivals Arsenal. In addition to the homes, this new stadium will also host many supermarkets. Up to 40,000 ft.² of new retail space is expected to be generated as a result of this stadium.

The council has also said that this new stadium will be able to deliver around 4000 new jobs in the city and is expected to be a major contributor towards the economy of the council. Tottenham have struggled to meet the need of more seats within the White Hart Lane. As a result, they have taken the decision to move into the new ground. White Hart Lane currently has a capacity of just 35,000 seats, while this brand-new 55,000 seater stadium will become the face of Tottenham.